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Computer Art & illustration

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Afro Aquatic anime style artwork to represent black swimmers. Commissioned direct from Afro Aquatics

Witness the New

Digital artwork based on the idea of nature cleansing and giving birth to the new.

Cephalapodic emergence

Sci - Fi abstract piece on creation finding a way.

Harmonic Vibe

Frequency and the oscillation of everything from earth itself to human beings creates an harmonic resonance.

Red Stare

Red Stare is based on cyber and steam punks. my friends daughter was an inspiration.

Girl and whale anime

Anime style artwork paying homage Japanese manga artwork.

Taras tear

I called this Tara's Tear as I designed the image on a tear drop.

Josh meets princess Phoebe

Artwork for book Joshua's woodland adventure. Josh meets phoebe

Knowledge of self

The impact that faiths have had on each other and personality.

Souls on a wave

Souls on wave pt 1 shows how the elements are alive. pt 2 in process.

Emotional Ruin

The devastation of loss.

Atlantis & Lemuria

This piece describes the symbiosis of opposites in existence.

Spirit of Glastonbury

memories of Glastonbury and the knowledge seekers that travel there.

Dragon Lady

This piece inspired by two friends of mine who are both born in the year of the dragon

1st ones arrival re edit
The Excursion

The excursion was made for an album which was a journey through sound.

Art is visual poetry, a narrative from the soul.

Whilst I was attending Leicester Polytechnic studying graphic design and illustration. I was inspired by the artworks of fantasy artist such as Jim Burns, Rodney Matthews and the likes of. Their concepts were of great interest to me.


Computer software is beginning to close the gap on what artist and illustrators have been achieving for decades.


I use industry standard (2d & 3d) software such as Poser, Strata, Painter and of course photoshop plus others. I create charcters, scenes and environments for different usage and have undertaken commissions that have gone on to be exhibited. like all art it begins with an idea, that idea is developed sketched and finally put together using computer art software.  

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